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As most of you know, I had the pleasure and privilege of being a part of a movie. Yes, a movie, something I never thought I would do. Then, along came an opportunity to tell a story, keep it real, work with some very gifted people and share a paranormal adventure in its true form. As with most projects, it took longer than we planned but what an adventure. It was truly an adventure from beginning to end.

 We are proud of this adventure and the telling of a ghost story in a documentary form. It has won so many awards!! See what you think and of course, I am always interested in your feedback. It is what the industry calls a short film but there is so much more footage that maybe, just maybe, it will become a longer version or a series. Who knows?

I am so proud to have worked with this amazing filmmaker, his talented crew and am grateful to the owners of Sand Hill Antiques & Refinishing for allowing us to tell their story.

Please click on the "like" button if you enjoy this film and, of course, please share it. I invite you to come take a look at - THE UNDEPARTED! To view the movie, just click on the picture above and enjoy!

May the Light Always Direct Your Path,


Movie Premier - The Undeparted

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