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Paranormal Investigations

Healing spirits from the past (ghosts) involves an assessment of the situation which is called a paranormal investigation. I love the mystery and the discovery. What is going on? Who are the spirits and why are they here. Then, what do we want to do about their presence?

Sometimes the spirit is a family member just making sure a loved one is o.k. The spirit might have a reason for being here - a message to deliver, is concerned about someone and is here to support them and bring love. They can be very comforting. But, there will come a time when they must return.

The spirit can be confused, doesn’t know how they died – what happened and what to do about it. They can be spirits that just didn’t want to leave and have been stuck here for a long time. By connecting with the spirit or spirits, we can learn about them. We can then find appropriate solutions. Sometimes a beautiful solution is to help them see the light and crossover to the over side or simply help them move on.

What about bad spirits? Well, this is where it gets more complicated. Communicating with them is a must. They should be banished and boundaries established so they don’t return.

I don’t use instruments in my paranormal investigations. As of today, they don’t really tell us much. I use my psychic abilities to connect and have conversations with spirits so we can learn about them. I will be chronicling some of my recent experiences in my blog. Please join me there. (Currently under construction.)

This is just a thumbnail view of my work as a paranormal investigator. A lot more goes on but you get the message.

I believe in the beauty and goodness of spirits and the role they play in this dimension. I also know there are evil spirits who do bad things. They can take a normal household and tear it apart actually making people physically sick. Just so you know – not on my watch.

There are so many different spirit scenarios. Even after all my years of experience, I am occasionally challenged but that just keeps the job interesting I tell myself. Please join me on my blog if you are interested in paranormal activity and/or call me for a consultation if you are experiencing problems or have concerns. We will discuss your problems and possible solutions. A paranormal investigation might be needed and we can schedule that.

I have a highly successful track record with finding and bringing about a peaceful solution for all spirits concerned. This is what healing spirits is all about.

Call me at 301-512-9408 or click on Contact Harriet link to left fill out the form and I'll get back to you. 

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