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Psychic Development Classes


Class fees/deposits are used to hold your space and are non-refundable, but can be used for future classes within a 1 year period of purchase. If the class is cancelled by Intuitive Healing Spirits your deposit/tuition is fully refundable. To pre-register and make payment for all Psychic Development Classes click the Pay for classes link to left.


Pre-registration is required to participate in a Psychic Development class/workshop.


Psychic Development Class 1

This is the first class of a series of classes aimed at helping you understand and develop your psychic abilities. The true purpose of our psychic gifts is to help us have a beautiful life.

You will learn about:

  • The building blocks of psychic development
  • How to clear yourself
  • How to clear other people, places and things
  • The main psychic gifts
  • The characteristics of psychic empathy
  • How to ground yourself, keep yourself grounded and why it’s important
  • How to protect yourself from negative energy, bad energy and dark energy
  • About amulets, talisman and totems
  • About the use of crystals and guardstones

If this is your life’s work or you want it to become that, you need to be the best.


This path of learning will expand your abilities and help you find your true path.


Psychic Development Class 2

This is the second class in the series of classes aimed at helping you to understand and develop your psychic abilities. Come and expand your knowledge.

You will learn about:

  • Angelic guidance and protection.
  • How to handle/deal with family, friends and associates who don’t understand or believe in your gifts.
  • Where your psychic information comes from.
  • How to establish accuracy.
  • Learn about Detachment.
  • How to turn your abilities off and on and much more!


Psychic Development Class 3

Prerequisite: Must have taken Psychic Development Class 1

This is where practice begins. From this class forward, you will be given class exercises as well as work you will do at home for developing and improving your gifts.

You will learn about:

  • Raising your vibrational state because vibrational state has everything to do with intuitive development. This includes breath work.
  • Energetic protection
  • Avoiding earthbound spirits
  • The many faces of psychic empathy
  • Dreaming as a psychic gift
  • How you receive spiritual guidance
  • Identify your gifts

We will do a preliminary assessment of your psychic skills. This assessment will be private and you will be the only one who sees the results. This will identify your natural gifts. As you progress, these natural gifts will get stronger, sharper and prepare the way for new gifts.


Psychic Development Class 4

Prerequisite: Must have taken Psychic Development Class 3

This class will begin with your preliminary skill set assessment from Psychic Development 3 class so bring your notebook. We will take a look at what is next for you. Bring two questions you want me to answer or help you with.

  • You will learn about detachment
  • You will learn how to select a pendulum and how to use it. If you have a pendulum or several, please bring them with you.
  • You will be introduced to and learn about psychometry and remote viewing.
  • You will be given exercises to practice at home for awakening your gifts
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