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About Harriet

My journey to what I do now has been rather unique. As far back as I can remember, I have always seen, heard and communicated with Spirits/ghosts. When I was growing up and into early adulthood, it was something you didn't talk about. It was very hush, hush. No matter how quiet I kept it, people who were having a spirit/ghost problem always found me. Very quietly I would go and fix the problem. I was constantly amazed at how these episodes played out, how the people in that environment were impacted by the energy that was present and when I left, I marveled at how changed everything was. The energy in their space/home/office/barn felt wonderful...transformed, balanced, soothing, nurturing, etc. Whatever the issues were, they were gone. Sickly people and animals in the space instantly felt better and healing took place. But, the work was tough on energy was depleted.

It often took me days to recover and I didn't really understand why that was or what was taking place. I had more questions than answers and often questioned my work. It wasn't until many years later that my questions would find answers.

Later in my adult life I began experiencing arthritic pain. The pain at first was manageable but quickly progressed and I needed over-the-counter medicine which worked for a while. Then my doctor was able to help lessen my pain through medications and that worked for a while. Eventually I wasn't getting relief from the meds and the arthritis pain was taking away my quality of life. At that point I was sent to a Pain Management specialist and discovered it was going to take narcotics to manage this pain.

At this point, for me, I knew I had to find another way. This was just not good for me. The pain was horrible and constant and working was difficult. So I started looking at alternative healing modalities and discovered Reiki. I took Reiki classes to learn how to give myself Reiki for my own healing journey and it was a Wow! At first I added it to my meds. Then, by giving myself Reiki on a daily basis for just a few minutes a day, I was soon able to cut back on my meds. The pain continued to lessen and eventually I became pain free and no longer needed meds. Now, some 15 years later, I am still pain free.

During this process of ridding myself of pain I got a bonus! What I had been doing INTUITIVELY all my life was assisting in the healing of people, places and things. Reiki explained that and put it all together for me. I learned about energy. I understood at last how negative energy impacts us on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It opened my eyes to the fact that what I had been doing all my life had been removing negative energy, releasing toxins and other blockages to healing, and giving energy an opportunity to heal and come back into balance. Thus Miraculous things happened.

Another Wow! Because Reiki is a channeled energy, I no longer found my energy being depleted by my work. Instead, I was energized.

Reiki was the connecting piece for me and my work. The healing process and using Reiki and developing our intuition to both assist in our own healing and that of others has inspired and motivated me throughout my life and continues to do so. Helping others on their spiritual journey also brings me joy and completes my work.

May the Light Always Direct Your Path,


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