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Welcome to Intuitive Healing Spirits
Description of Company and Services Offered: 

Intuitive Healing Spirits is a Reiki Healing Practice offering appointments daily for private Reiki sessions and training in Reiki. Reiki therapy can lessen pain, lower blood pressure, release toxins, shorten recovery time from surgery, etc. Reiki helps us heal on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Appointments are on-going and so are my comprehensive Reiki training classes. This is an excellent choice for self healing and anyone can learn Reiki. You can learn and have your own Reiki practice. It is also a healing modality that blends well and compliments all other healing modalities. Adding this therapy to your practice can be extremely beneficial to your clients and for you. More information on Reiki, Reiki sessions and Reiki training is listed on this website. You can also contact me via email at I am a Usui/Reiki Master and a Karuna Reiki Master and teach all levels. I provide opportunities for practice and continuing support for my students helping them to become excellent Practitioners and Reiki Masters.

I am a medium and teach Psychic Development which starts at a foundation level and takes students all the way to advance levels.

As a Spiritual Advisor/Mentor I listen to your spirit (readings) and help you on your journey. 

Additionally I do Clearings and Paranormal Investigations for residential and commercial locations. 

Harriet Shager
Owner, Intuitive Healing Spirits 
Registered Karuna Reiki® Master Practitioner/Teacher
Certified Medical Reiki Master
Professional Member of The International Center for Reiki Training
Proud Sponsor of Mid-Atlantic Conference for Reiki Practitioners

Professional Member - International Center For Reiki Training